Why mediate?

    In mediations, parties reach agreement around 85% of the time. For most disputes, mediation is a better solution than legal action.

    Time & Cost

    Mediation usually takes one day and costs between R3,000 and R10,000. Court cases can go on for years and cost the parties productivity, reputation and emotional stress on top of big fees.


    A mediation results in an agreement that all parties create and buy into. A court case can result in large unexpected losses. Mediation treats your scenario with respect and confidentiality.


    A mediator uses the passion of conflict to drive innovation and understanding that helps build strong relations. Court cases erode and often break relationships and can air private facts in public.

    Take action

    Conflicts don’t have to involve legal matters or be severe to interfere with your peace.

    Fear often holds us back from confronting these scenarios.
    Mediation can relieve tension and stress from your life.