What would make your working life more wonderful?


We are curious to hear what your business or organisation’s particular communication challenges are. Why not drop us an email at contact@conflictresolutioncapetown.co.za? We might offer your company a free introductory session to see how Effective Communication can transform your work environment.

In our experience, communication in general is the main challenge of any team/group/community. Habitual behaviours such as gossiping, blaming, criticising and judging decrease wellbeing and efficiency and cause tremendous damage and loss on an emotional as well as financial level. Psychological safety has been proven to be the most important factor in building effective teams. Effective Communication tools are the simplest and most effective way I have found to build safety in a group*.

Most of us have learned from birth to think and communicate in terms of what is “right“  and “wrong“ with people, to compete, diagnose, judge and have opinions about ourselves and each other.

We express our feelings in terms of what another person has “done to us.” We struggle to understand what we want or need in the moment, and how to effectively ask for what we want without using unhealthy demands, threats or coercion.

Our training offers simple tools and exercises which help people to better understand their feelings and needs and engage more effectively with everyone around them from a space of self-awareness.

Skillful facilitation allows for more honest, open and authentic communication, essential for healthy relationships. Effective Communication is a way of facilitating difficult conversations that is particularly effective.

We can also empower your group to facilitate, so that the prospect of future conversations and decision making makes you feel exhilarated and energised instead of anxious and wary. Although mastery takes many years of practice, but the basics can be learnt quite quickly.

* Google wanted to know the secret to building a more productive team. The project took several years. At the heart of Google’s findings, is the concept of “psychological safety,” a model of teamwork in which members have a shared belief that it is safe to take risks and share a range of ideas without the fear of being humiliated. Taken from: http://qz.com/625870/after-years-of-intensive-analysis-google-discoversthe-key-to-good-teamwork-is-being-nice/

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