What we offer


Effective communication training 

Effective communication training* not only reduces the likelihood of conflict, but it also helps you to:

  • Hear difficult messages without taking them personally
  • Prevent misunderstandings by clearly expressing yourself
  • Transform your anger before it leads to actions that you may regret
  • Inspire confidence from others by creating win/win solutions
  • Form meaningful relationships with friends, co-workers and family members
  • Improve teamwork, efficiency and morale

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for disputes of any kind, such as between:

– neighbours

– business colleagues

– family members

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Self-mediation is a skill that allows you to mediate your own disputes without the help of a third party. It will prepare you emotionally and practically for difficult scenarios, and may also settle some of the conflicts within you.

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Facilitated Conversation

Facilitation is a less formal way in which a mediator can inform and advise disputants and help communication between them. It is a flexible process of talking to the people involved in the dispute, in the locations and time frames that are most appropriate.

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Sarah and Tara are experienced speakers who will take your team on an engaging and inspiring journey that is both motivational and educational.  Call us for lectures, after dinner talks,  business networking talks, special interest talks etc.